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SHareCon Registration is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

You can now register for SHareCon 2014 at www.sharecon.net. Con dates, location, and other important information has all been updated on the site.

Here are the important details:

Membership types: Attending (the whole weekend), One Day, or Supporting (non-attending.) You can register for con memberships ONLY. We can't work out food options until we know how many people might attend. Once we have a realistic number, then we can negotiate with restaurants and caterers to figure out snack, lunch, and dinner options and their cost. We hope to offer food options so people have some choices. In this hotel, every room is a suite and has a microwave and fridge, so some people may decide to bring their own food.

Deadlines: If you want to save money, register soon. Prices go up the closer it gets to the con. Again, this is to encourage early registration so we can be in the best bargaining position with caterers.

If you are interested in the con and are not a member of the SHareCon LJ, or the SHareCon Dreamwidth communities, please consider joining. These are low traffic sites. We also have a mailing list that is not very high traffic that allows us to communicate with you directly. More information is on the website.

You can always send questions directly to me at flamingoslim at verizon dot net.
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