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I'd like to lock down the dates for SHareCon with the hotel. It may seem a little early, but October is a popular month for weddings, so I don't want to lose the advantage. (Kudos to Cyanne who's been nudging me gently about nailing this down for oh, say, two months now. Talk about patience...!) We're leaning towards the weekend of October 14-17 (Friday - Monday), very close to 2014's dates. Right in the middle of the month. It's past a lot of holiday dates, but just barely past some. Here's the breakdown for those of you who aren't planning that far ahead:

October 3-4: Rosh Hashana
October 10 (Monday of the con week): Canadian Thanksgiving & Columbus Day in the US (minor holiday)
October 12 (Wednesday of the con week): Yom Kippur

Since a lot of people arrive at the con on Thursday (October 13), I'm a little concerned that Canadian Thanksgiving and Yom Kippur might be too close for travel and vacation plans. Here in the States, a lot of people take a whole week off and travel for Thanksgiving. So I need to hear especially from our Canadian and Jewish attendees regarding the timing. Our other option is the following weekend, October 21-24. I have not yet talked to the hotel, but I'm pretty sure these dates will be available if I act soon.

If you've never been to SHareCon and want some idea of what goes on, our 2014 website still reflects that con's activities, including the schedule of panels and games, as does our livejournal.

You can contact me directly at flamingoslim at verizon dot net, or comment here.
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